Organisations are thinking beyond reducing costs, and towards driving innovation & growth. The flexibility to meet changing demands of dynamic markets & demanding customers is characteristic of high-performance businesses. Employing innovative business models, while necessitating a transformation, can help pave the way for sustainable growth. Renaissance Technology provides comprehensive consulting solutions aimed at addressing every organisation’s unique business needs. Our extensive experience and domain expertise offers a solid foundation for scalable solutions that allow organisations to attain and maintain higher quality and reliability.
Client Challenges
Operational excellence, sustainable growth and increased productivity are all important goals for organisations. However, there are several challenges that need resolution in order to attain these goals. They include:
•Aligning IT to business goals
•Increasing efficiency and productivity
•Rapidly adapting to changing market conditions
•Driving business performance and innovation


What Renaissance Technology Provides
Renaissance Technology provides a wide array of consulting solutions aimed at helping organisations attain business process optimisation. Our highly trained consultants enable customers to effectively bridge the gap between business and IT, facilitating new growth. Our consulting solutions include:
•Software Development Lifecycle
•Process Consulting
•Application Portfolio Management and Optimisation
•SOA Consulting Offerings
•Agile Software Development


Business Value
Renaissance Technology’s Consulting solutions focus on helping organisations attain high performance, increased productivity and enhanced compliance. Other benefits include:
•Effective change management
•Alignment of IT with business goals
•Maximised IT process efficiencies
•Improved service quality as well effective governance due to enhanced visibility